As a dedicated athlete, much like you, I thought that eating ‘healthy’ foods would be enough to crush my goals and achieve substantial body composition gains.

It couldn’t be that complicated, right? ...

Avoid the obviously unhealthy garbage, eat vegetables, consume some protein, drink plenty of water, avoid sugars and processed ingredients.Totally cool. Easy enough. It was always easy for me to abide by those guidelines, and I mistakenly thought that that was the trick.
Even as an atypical college student, I was eating healthfully. No ramen noodles or fast food for me. From a early age, I valued the investment into good, wholesome nourishment, and I truthfully thought that was all that was required.

You can obviously relate with that mentality ...

I genuinely didn’t know there was more. As a competitive runner in my upper teens and young 20s, I was hitting some great times with my races while implementing a more generic approach to nutrition planning.
- A 5:21 mile
- A 1:30 half marathon
- A 3:30 full marathon

There are alot of diet ‘hacks’ out there. A ton of nutritional misinformation and schemes, which only further tempted my simplified approach to eating for performance, even as I switched up training formatting from running to competitive CrossFit.

It wasn’t until I eventually experienced a major training plateau during this transition, that left me incredibly frustrated and stagnant, that I began exploring what I was missing....

“I’m doing everything right.”
“I’m eating well, training with good technique and mobility.”
“Why is my composition not reflecting that?”
“Why are my PR’s halted?”
“Where did my progress go?”
I started researching the science of metabolism and the athletic relevancy of more customized macronutrient profiling. The experimenting began, and damn, did it absolute shift everything for me.
…an ability to NOW SUCCESSFULLY do pull ups and handstand push ups without assistance.

My body composition changed very quickly….
dropping 9% body fat in 6 months.
Being leaner allowed me to move faster during workouts.
Having more muscle allowed me to cycle more reps and lift heavier.
I was soon hitting new PRs...without spending more time training.

This method that I used to create my transformation has been replicated for you with the Performance Nutrition Plan.

With this Performance Nutrition Plan, you will learn how much your body needs in order to meet your specific goals. You will also discover the EXACT foods that will help you with this transformation, as well as a metabolically precise eating schedule based on your lifestyle and training schedule.

As a fellow athlete and expert clinician, I am so insanely excited to help you take your athleticism to another level through individualized food science programming.

Together, we will completely eliminate guesswork from your regimen so that you can focus on what is most important to you:


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With this performance nutrition plan, you will discover:
   -Your Basal Metabolic Rate
   -Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure
   -How much you should be eating based on your goals

Plus, you will receive materials to help you on your journey:
   -How to adjust food intake on training days and competition days
   -What foods contribute to inflammation and what foods decrease inflammation in the body
   -Benefits of many common foods to understand why it is good to incorporate them into your eating plan
   -Glycemic Index vs. Glycemic Load and why it matters

Performance Nutrition Plan

$ 97

Performance Nutrition Plan

8 Bonus PDFs

Performance Nutrition Plan

$ 97

Performance Nutrition Plan

8 Bonus PDFs

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What is Get Your Fix Nutrition

Get Your Fix Nutrition has helped hundreds of clients break through performance barriers with Performance nutrition programming. Where most people are told to train harder, GYFN emphasizes training smarter and uses nutrition as a secret weapon when it comes to hitting new PRs in the weight room or on race day.

GYFN keeps things simple and creates ways for your nutrition plan to work into your lifestyle. We also educate on how to decrease inflammation in the body in order to speed up recovery just by switching up the foods you eat.

Frequently Asked Questions

-Do I have to eat the same foods all the time?

No, it is highly encouraged to eat a variety of foods in order to get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs as well as to avoid getting bored with your eating. The less bored you are with your food choices, the more likely you are to stick to your plan.

-Will I be really hungry/full all the time?

You will be allowed more food than you probably expect. Because of that, you will likely not feel hungry. In fact, some people have trouble getting in as much as they need in the beginning because they aren’t used to eating as much food.

-How strict is the eating plan?

Essentially, it is as strict as you want to make it. Follow it as close to 100% as possible and your results will be quicker. The less you follow it, the longer it will take to meet your goals.

-Can this fit into any lifestyle or schedule?

Absolutely. This is made to be as easy for you as possible. It is easily adaptable to any lifestyle or work schedule you maintain.

-Can I still eat the foods I like?

Yes, within reason. We don’t recommend highly processed foods, but understand that you need to live a life as well. If you choose to continue consuming some of those foods, pick on meal to do so and then get back to your plan

-Refund policy?

There are no refunds or exchanges of our products.

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